When I get the question where I´m from, I usually say "Örebro from the beginning but I live in Stockholm now since long".
Some settle for that but far from everyone to be honest and that´s when I have to tell the story in short terms (by now well rehearst).
I was born in Addis Abeba, the capital of Ethiopia and by the age of three I was "mailordered" to Sweden due to a fatal disease
and I would not have survived if I´d stayed.
Thank goodness for unselfish people like my biological mother (my father had already passed away) and the godsent gift of adoption.
When the story is told I usually get a few follow up questions in the line of, "don´t you miss your real parents/siblings and
do you ever think about going back and seek your roots?".
In my younger years they also wondered if I thought it was cold here in Sweden. Nowadays those kind of questions are rare, thank god!
In other words people think it´s more or less exotic but somehow traumatic to have a background like mine.
Me, myself and I however believe that it´s crystal clear how the thoughts sprouted in the head of the one who figured it all out, that is .......GOD!
-Well, she has to take a little trip to Addis.... to get a nice tan............and then we´re off to Granhammar in the beautiful land of Närke.
That´s how he wanted it so that is how it went down. He was of course well aware of the fact that this "lump" of colour would somewhat stand out
a bit and even fill some kind of purpose in both small and bigger perspectives.

Granhammar is the ultimate countryside. 18 kilometres outside of Örebro. Among chickens, rabbits, horses and pigs from the neighbouring farm I had the best childhood
one can imagine.
As a teen it´s really important to "fit in" and it became a little bit too exotic for me to live in such a small village so I packed my bags and set out towards the big city.
I totally loved moving to Stockholm! To always see that torrent of people independent of time or day and all these colours, shapes and forms......
Great, I thought, maybe now I will no longer be the object of curious looks and reviewing eyes, glancing me from top to if! I´ll get back to you on that one.

My faith in God has always been kind of natural to me. Nothing imputed but more like the most natural thing in the world.
My prayers has been all about nothing and everything but one specific prayer has been very profound, solid and important to me and has always returned through the years.
Since for as long as I can remember having experienced people just standing still, looking and sometimes staring at you cause of my fully baked skin I
started to pray to God to simply give these people a reason, apart from skincolour, to look.
Had a strong proposition myself that I laid out in my prayers and it was to be looked at for the reason that I actually was recognised.
How and in what context I didn´t know, just that I wished from the bottom of my heart that the reason would be loud and clear as some kind of protection.

Anyway, in Stockholm I ventured a 100 % on dancing, singing and a drop of acting.
The funny thing is that is was that drop of acting wich has given me the most back so far.
Not because my skills where that fantastic but due to the fact that I was part of one of the most successful tv-shows for young people ever, .....BULLEN!
I had one of the leading parts in the series "Klassliv" in Bullen and summing it up I can tell you that this has played a huge roll also in my personal life.
Yes!!! My prayers had been heard.....the awaited reason...!!

In short terms you could say life already has given me its share of experiences, meetings and encounters to last a lifetime and for most of it I would have
to thank the colour of my skin and "Bullen" .

be blessed